What is the difference between agriculture in India and agriculture in USA?

  • What is the difference between agriculture in India and agriculture in USA?

  • India is a developing country. India doesnt have the ability to restore efficiency in agriculture. The US is a developed country and a large percentage of farming today is done by big companies, rather than family farmers. In USA an average farm is about 250 hectares and in India an average farm is about 2.3 hectares. Indians use poor technology , whereas USA uses the most advanced technology in the world. Indian farmers commit suicide due to hunger and poor life, whereas US farmers do not. Indian rupee rate is very less as compared to USA. Indians farmers struggle a lot, due to lack of facility of irrigation and knowledge, whereas US farmers do not. India mostly depends on rain water for irrigation, some farms in the US have advanced systems for irrigation. India uses US fertilisers, US brand seed, US technology. USA does not need Indians support for their agriculture. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ USA has effectively ruined their land quality because of years of mono-culture of crops like wheat and corn. USA farms are run on the basis of capitalist agendas, therefore whatever can be produced the cheapest is produced. Even things like plastic and sugar is made from corn because its cheap. Individual farming towns in the US have been reduced to ghost towns, because of the mono-culture environment. US is force feeding the its cattle and pigs the excess corn it produces, in spite of the fact that cattle has not evolved to eat corn. This results in substandard meat, which is again shelved in the market or exported. Because of non-diverse over-production of a single crop, US has to force its way into other countries economies, so that they buy the excess crop. USA is where the hybrid varieties of crop took birth, where a farmer has to keep on buying new seeds every planting season from corporations like Monsanto rather than storing the nutritionally beneficial heirloom seeds, which every other farmer does. Because of the intensive use of chemical pesticides, the crops and their derived foods(bread etc.) destroy the gut bacteria, which has resulted in exponential increase in brain disorders, and renaming of Adult-type Diabetes to Type- II because children in the US are suddenly developing diabetes due to abnormal obesity. India still has time to correct its course and not follow the US example. US probably cannot. (Reference: Omnivores Dilemma, Michael Pollan; Whats with Wheat? - A documentary)

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