• Madagascar is located in Africa.

    • Part of East Africa, Madagascar is an island country off the shoreline of East Africa. Madagascar is located in the Indian Ocean. Formerly known as the Malagasy Republic, Madagascar is not just one island. The island nation is made up of the main island - called Madagascar - and many other smaller islands to the northwest.

    • The GPS coordinates of Madagascar are 18.7669° S and 46.8691° E. With a latitude in the south, Madagascar is a country that lies below the equator. As an island country, Madagascar is surrounded by water at every point along all of its borders. The Mozambique Channels runs along the northwestern coastline of Madagascar, but in every other direction, Madagascar is surrounded by the Indian Ocean.

    • Madagascar has four main points of extremity. The easternmost point of Madagascar is on Cape Masoala along the coastline of the Indian Ocean. With a longitude of 50°40’ E, the furthest point of eastern Madagascar is part of the Antsiranana Province. The most extreme point in the west is along the coast of the Mozambique Channel. With a longitude of 43°30’ E, this point is situated in the Toliara Province. Cape Sainte Marie is Madagascar’s southernmost point. The coordinate for this point is 25°37’ S. The most extreme point to the north of Madagascar is the Cap D’Ambre with a latitude of 11°57’ S.

    • Madagascar takes up approximately 226,658 square miles in total. There are an estimated 2,039.92 square miles of water, which amounts to less than 1% of the total area. The remaining 224,618.03 square miles are land areas. Madagascar has the 46th most extensive total area of all 195 countries around the world.

    • As of 2018, there are roughly 26,580,573 people currently living in Madagascar. The total population has increased by a steady average of 2.73% over the past four years. As the 51st most populated country in the world, Madagascar’s population is only 0.34% of the total worldly population.

    • The population density of Madagascar is calculated by dividing the country’s population by its area. In performing this calculation, the population density equates to about 118, meaning for every square mile of area, there are 118 people. Population densities essentially refer to the relationship between the total area and the number of people who live in a particular country.

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