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    What languages are spoken in North Korea?

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    The language spoken in North Korea is Korean but it is a different dialect than the language spoken in Seoul for instance. Many North Koreans who have defected to South Korea have had to take brush up courses on the dialect of Korean spoken in Seoul, South Korea. As another example Konglish, the use of English using the Korean phonetic alphabet, is not practised in North Korea though it is widely used in Seoul, South Korea. Some Koreans suggest the North Koreans have stayed closer to the original language, because the communists originally attracted many of the best language scholars, and at that time North Korea was where the wealth and power was.

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    Its Korean. The spoken language is unique to Korea. It is NOT similar to Japanese (the language spoken in Japan.) Unlike Western European languages with a Latin base, the written Chinese shared by many countries in Asia, has the same meaning, but not the same pronunciation! The Korea peninsula is unique in having almost no ethnic minorities, 99.98% ethnic Korean. Hello in Korean is Annyonhaseyo.Total Korean language speakers 87 million. L1 is Korean. 87-89 million Koreans speak. L2 is English, Japanese, Chinese. Korean alphabet is used 80 percent. Chinese characters is used 20 percent.Korean.Some do some dont, but I believe the percentage is quite low. Maybe below 10%.Koreans speak the Korean language, a language isolate (so it isnt directly descended from another language as far as people have been able to tell) that has some relation to Japanese thanks to a very long and conflicted association with Japan.Koreans speak Korean.Korean.(Hangul)

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