• The ceramic production in Tonalá, known as the authentic mestizo ceramic is symbolic of Mexico's identity. Made of burnished clay or scented clay, these artistic objects are created for ordinary and decorative use. The first designs of these ceramics were inspired by forms found in nature such as vegetables and roots.

  • The two main pottery producing municipalities are Tonalá and Tlaquepaque. Traditional ceramics styles include bruñido, bandera, canelo, petate and betus. The best known of these styles is bruñido, which translates to burnished. It probably descends from polychrome produced in this area en the 19th century.

    Likewise, what is Tlaquepaque pottery? Tlaquepaque – Common word used for the glazed pottery depicting everyday imagery, landscape of the times or of Old Mexico. Tonalá – Common word used for burnished pottery of Tonalá.

    Also Know, what does Tonala mean?

    The name Tonala comes from the Nahuatl phrase Tonallan, which means where the sun rises, and the sun does rise at Tonala Mexican Restaurant.

    Does Mexican clay pottery contain lead?

    A charming ceramic reminder of a Mexican vacation could end up giving you lead poisoning, a new study warns. Exposure to high concentrations of lead — often found in glazes that line traditional Mexican ceramics, cookware and dishware — can be toxic after extended periods of handling, Canadian researchers report.

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