• Long course meters to short course yards: When meter distance = yard distance, yard time = (meter time in sec. – T ) / 1.1 (where T = the difference in the number of turns between short course and long course). For 1500 meter free to 1650 yards free, yard time = meter time – 30 sec.

  • Every year, the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) publishes conversion factors to convert meters to yards in swimming.

    Short Course Meters to Yards Swim Conversion Factors.

    Event Factor 800 meters to 1,000 yards 1.143 1,500 meters to 1,650 yards 1.003 All other events 0.896
    Furthermore, how do you convert short course time to long course? Alternatively, you can use the Swim Time Converter to factor your times.

    Conversion for USA Swimming teams.

    Course to convert from Course to convert to Formula Long Course Meter (LCM) SCY or SCM (hsec - fIncre)/fFactor Short Course Meter (SCM) SCY hsecs/fFactor Short Course Meter (SCM) LCM hsecs fIncre
    In this manner, how many yards are in a meter pool?

    Long course meters, or LCMs, for 50 meter pools. Short course yards, or SCYs, for 25 yard pools. Short course meters, or SCMs, for 25 meter pools.

    How do I calculate my swimming distance?

    Ask an open water swimmer: In open water, a mile is a mile. If your aim is to swim a mathematically-accurate mile and your pool is measured in yards, divide 1760 by the number of yards in your pool. If your pool is measured in meters, divide 1609.3 by the length.

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