• You can expect to pay anywhere from -. Buying the washer from a used appliance reseller is going to cost a bit more than buying from a private party, but you are getting a machine that has been cleaned, tested, maintenance done as well as a warranty that backs it up.

  • For both types of laundry appliances, you will find a big range between the high and low end of the price spectrum. Washing machines cost between and ,050; dryers cost anywhere from to ,750.

    is it worth buying a used washer and dryer? Appliance repair pros say some newer washing machines might not be better than older models. Several consumers who recently replaced washers and dryers told our research team that they bought used because those models might last just as long as new ones and that reusing is a good “green” practice.

    One may also ask, how much should I pay for a used dryer?

    Expect to pay anywhere from to for a used dryer from a used appliance seller. Dryer power cords can cost -, so save your old one if you are getting rid of it, or try to buy your dryer from someone that can give you the correct power cord for no extra charge.

    How can I sell my used washer and dryer?


    1. Identify a sale site.
    2. Identify your specific model.
    3. Look for your model online to determine how much it is selling for.
    4. List your washer/dry for a reasonable price on the site youve chosen.
    5. Describe the appliance in your ad.
    6. Take a high-quality photo of the appliance you are trying to sell.
    7. Be patient.
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