• The drama, which has English subtitles, is about the fictitious Galerias Velvet, the most prestigious women's clothing store in 1950s Madrid. However, he's in love with someone else — Ana Ribera (Paula Echevarria), Velvet's beautiful and talented seamstress.

  • New Netflix film Velvet Buzzsaw is based on a REALLY creepy true story involving haunted children hidden in pictures burning down houses.

    Likewise, where does Velvet take place? Velvet combines the best of fashion, romance and 1950s fun. Most of the show takes place indoors, but the shots of Madrids famous Gran Vía street and the citys rooftops are priceless. You can even see the building where the show supposedly takes place on Calle Gran Vía.

    Secondly, was Velvet a real store in Spain?

    There is a place in Madrid (Spain) where everyone would like to go shopping once in life: Galerías Velvet: the most elegant, sophisticated and expensive costumes, but mostly this place lurks one of the most wonderful stories of love happened in the 50s. Entropy Studio recreates the setting, in full 3D.

    Is Velvet a good show?

    At its worst, Velvet is a super light, nonsensical, cheeseball romance that leans heavily on the most annoying 1950s cinematic stereotypes. At its best, its a compelling human drama full of exciting narrative twists. It winks at its own limitations.

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