• Actually ferries means boat carrying vechiles and other things. In Google maps avoid ferries generally means that in the road or way you are going to travel will have a water crosseway.

  • 1 Answer. To be included in Google Maps for trip planning, Google must be able to import its schedule data, for example through a GTFS Static or GTFS Realtime feed. Google does incorporate schedule information for, for example, the Staten Island Ferry in New York.

    One may also ask, what is avoid motorways in Google Maps? avoid motorways would mean taking a route which doesnt include any motorways, which is handy for learner drivers not allowed on them and for people who would rather enjoy the scenic views instead of just driving in 3 lanes of vehicles with little change.

    Similarly one may ask, what are ferries in GPS?

    Ferries are large water crafts (boats) that carry vehicles (and people) from one ferry dock to another. Ferries normally have scheduled sailings and are often run as a part of the highway system. In some states, ferries are a key part of the roadway system and are hard to avoid.

    Why does Google Maps take me the long way?

    There may be a new slowdown along the way or a slowdown on an alternate route may have cleared. Maps selects routes based on the estimated time it takes to make the trip, by default. If you know the routes, when theyre free or congested, you can choose what you think works for you if you believe maps is wrong.

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