• LifeProof vinyl planks and tiles are FloorScore certified to be low-VOC products without phthalates or formaldehyde.

  • Like most other luxury vinyl plank and tile flooring, LifeProof can be installed on any level including basements, it does not require acclimation – just buy it and install it, and it is certified by FloorScore to be low-VOC flooring.

    Additionally, does LifeProof vinyl flooring scratch easily? Generally speaking, vinyl floors are quite durable. Theyre resistant to most spills, they dont stain easily, and even scratches from a pets claws are very rare. They should last many years, and theyre quite easy to maintain. Thats in general, which brings us into some of the issues we have with Lifeproof

    Similarly, is LifeProof vinyl flooring any good?

    This LVP is also good for your health. It protects against harmful allergens and is not overladen with harmful chemicals like some other vinyl flooring. LifeProof is also easy to install and easy to maintain. And at a cost of less than a square foot in most areas, it is also a budget-friendly product.

    Who makes LifeProof vinyl flooring?

    What is LifeProof Vinyl Flooring. LifeProof is a rigid luxury vinyl flooring made by Halstead New England Industries, sold exclusively at Home Depot and competes head to head with top rigid-core brands.

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