• Minister of Defense

    Samurai Mike

  • Keep on motoring: Singletary and his father (Devonn Singletary, Sr.) are both nicknamed Motor. Devonn played collegiately at Norfolk State.

    Additionally, what is the Chicago Bears nickname? Da Bears: Slang nickname given to the Chicago Bears made popular by the Bill Swerskis Superfans sketches of the early 1990s on Saturday Night Live. Sometimes used to retroactively refer to the 1985 Bears.

    Moreover, what was Jim Mcmahons nickname?

    Darth Vader Black Sunshine

    Does Mike Singletary have a son in the NFL?

    Singletary and his wife, Kim, have seven children. His son Matt joined Baylor Universitys roster in 2007 as a freshman defensive end. However, Matt transferred to California Polytechnic State University where he was a junior defensive end.

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