• The key to treating chemosis is to reduceinflammation. Managing the swelling can reduce discomfort andnegative impact on your vision. Placing cool compresses overyour eyes may ease discomfort and inflammation. Your doctormay also tell you to stop wearing contact lenses duringtreatment.

  • Chemosis is a sign of eye irritation. Whensevere, the tissue swells so much that you cant close youreyes properly. Chemosis is often related to allergies or aneye infection. Chemosis can also be a complication of eyesurgery, or it may occur from rubbing the eye toomuch.

    Subsequently, question is, what is the clear bubble on my eye? A pingueculum is a small bump on the white ofyour eye, usually on the side closest to your nose. The bumpmay be clear or yellowish. A pterygium is a smallbump that has tiny blood vessels in it. This growth can get biggerand cover part of your cornea, which is the clear outerlayer on the front of your eye.

    Besides, how long does it take for Chemosis to resolve?

    RESULTS: The incidence of chemosis was11.5 percent in this population of lower lid blepharoplastypatients. Chemosis presented intraoperatively or up to 1week postoperatively. The median duration was 4 weeks, witha range from 1 to 12 weeks.

    What does Chemosis look like?

    Chemosis is a sign of eye irritation. The outersurface of the eye (conjunctiva) may look like a bigblister. It can also look like it has fluid in it.When severe, the tissue swells so much that you cant closeyour eyes properly.

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