• A seral community (or sere) is an intermediate stage found in ecological succession in an ecosystem advancing towards its climax community. In many cases more than one seral stage evolves until climax conditions are attained.

  • Ecological succession breaks down into three fundamental phases: primary and secondary succession, and a climax state. The study of ecological succession generally focuses on the plants present on a particular site. But animal populations also shift over time in response to the changing habitat.

    Likewise, what would be considered an intermediate species after secondary succession occurs? Secondary succession in the forest: Secondary succession is shown in an oak and hickory forest after a forest fire. Those organisms that could not escape are killed, but their bodies decompose, adding nutrients to the soil. These organisms are called intermediate species.

    Moreover, what are the 5 stages of ecological succession?

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    • Bare rock, no organisms - Glacier leaves behind bare rock; Volcano produces.
    • Pioneer species begins breaking down rock.
    • More complex plants, usually mosses, begin growing when soil is deep enough, after many years; eventually replace (succeed) lichens.

    What is the final stage of succession called?

    In the final stages of succession, taller trees begin to grow. They, in turn, block out the sunlight needed by smaller trees and replace them. The final stage of ecological succession is known as a climax community.

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