• Jaime Edmondson, 39, began dating Evan Longoria in 2012 and they married in 2015. They have two children. The Rays third baseman, 32, played 10 seasons with the team and was traded in December to the San Francisco Giants. His wife is listed in the lawsuit as a resident of Pinellas County.

  • The similarity of his name with actress Eva Longorias has brought about playful comparisons between the two. Although both are Americans of Mexican descent, they are not related.

    Secondly, who is Evan Longoria sister? Indeed, it will be Eva Longoria who has to answer the same stupid question again and again and again. For the record, Evan Longoria is NOT Evas sister. But, oh brother, can he ever hit. Baseballs brightest young star, Evan was promoted by Tampa Bay early in 2008.

    Thereof, who is Evan Longorias wife?

    Jaime Faith Edmondson m. 2015

    How many kids does Evan Longoria have?

    two kids

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