• The peperomia does best when it is watered from its roots. The plant's soil should be dry before you water the plant again. Therefore, if you are growing it as a houseplant, let it sit in a pan of water for a few minutes every seven to 10 days.

  • WATER: Keep plants moist but not saturated, only allowing to dry slightly during non-growing, cooler months. Do not allow any standing water in pot or tray. LIGHT: Display in low to bright artificial light or near a window in indirect sunlight. TEMPERATURE: These plants tolerate a range of temperatures from 60-80F.

    Secondly, how do you propagate Peperomia Rosso? Plant the cutting in a very small pot with fresh potting mix thats moist and try to provide warm temperatures of about 20ºC (68ºF), and plenty of bright light (warmth and light is the key to success). You may want to use a rooting hormone on the cut being planted.

    Just so, how do you water a peperomia plant?

    Water Peperomia houseplants sparingly and allow the soil to dry as deep as 5 inches between waterings. Fertilize occasionally with a balanced houseplant food after watering. Leach the plant in summer by flushing with water to remove the salts left behind by fertilization.

    How do you water Peperomia with Obtusifolia?

    Peperomia Obtusifolia Care Tips Water: Keep potting mix lightly moist spring through fall. Allow surface to dry out before watering again. Water sparingly in winter, when growth is slower. Humidity: Moderate to high (at least 50% relative humidity).

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