• Emergency shut-off (BOP) .00 Deposits for residential customers w/sewer .00 Deposits for residential customers non/sewer .00 Deposits for commercial customers (average bill times three) Page 8 8 Birmingham Water Works Board of The City of Birmingham 2016 Customer Miscellaneous Fees (cont.) • SYSTEM

  • Utility Deposits and Connection Fees

    Service Deposit Service Charge Electric and Natural Gas .00 .00 Water and Sewer .00 .50 Electric, Water and Sewer .00 .00 Electric, Water, Sewer and Natural Gas .00 .50
    One may also ask, where can I pay my Birmingham Water Works Bill? Customers can pay their bills through their local bank or credit union on-line bill payment process and by bank draft free of charge.

    Additional Payment Options

    • Personal Bank Account – Online.
    • Personal Credit Union Account – Online.
    • Bank Draft.

    Similarly one may ask, how much is Birmingham water bill?

    Residential and Irrigation Rates for Customers:

    Per Monthly Billing Cycle Rate Per Hundred Cubic Feet 1st 3 CCF .59 4-15 CCF .42 > 15 CCF .99
    How much is the average water bill in Alabama?

    How much we pay for each can determine our quality of life. Move.com, a website devoted to resources for moving, says Americans pay a water bill averaging about a month, and a monthly gas bill averaging about . According to its scale, the average Alabamian pays a little more than the national average for gas.

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