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What is the climate in South Sudan?

  • What is the climate in South Sudan?

  • the climate is generally hot and wet. between the months of December to April is dry and extremely hot especially in the central equatorial, from may to November is it the time when farmers farm and the harvest is done during this period of time. the heavy rains are experienced at this time. now the weather has change drastically because of the so call climate change and it use to be cold from December to January but that does not exist any more so it is make it dry and wet climate thus has two seasons a year,

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    What is the climate in South Sudan?

    South Sudan has a tropical climate with wet and dry seasons.The highest temperatures normally occur just before the rainy season. In South Sudan, most precipitation usually occurs during the summer months and varies across the country. The majority of the country receives about 30–40 inches (750–1,000 mm) annually.

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