• Krispy Kreme Prices

    Food Size **Price**   Original Glazed **Dozen** .99   Assorted Varieties 1 Pc. .09   Assorted Varieties **Dozen** .99   Specialty Doughnut 1 Pc. .29

  • A box of twelve Original Glazed doughnuts typically costs around .99, and a dozen specialty doughnuts can cost around .39. This means that today only, you could buy 24 original glazed donuts for .99 instead of .98.

    Likewise, how much is a dozen donuts at Krispy Kreme 2019? Krispy Kreme Menu

    Original Glazed sh.99 1 Pc. Original Glazed .99 Dozen Assorted Varieties .09 1 Pc. Assorted Varieties .99 Dozen Specialty Doughnut .29 1 Pc.
    Also Know, how much is an assorted dozen at Krispy Kreme?

    A dozen original glazed at Krispy Kreme typically costs around , while 12 specialty doughnuts typically bring the price up by a few bucks. The “Day of the Dozens” deal is available at participating shops and is limited to two per customer.

    How much is a dozen Krispy Kreme donuts UK?

    Krispy Kreme Menu Prices UK

    Food Price Original Glazed Dozen £9.95 Sharer Dozen £12.45 Original Glazed Dozen Bundle £29.95 Sharer Dozen Bundle (4 Dozen) £39.95

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