• The Intex Pure Spa installation instructions and the Coleman Lay Z Spa set up instructions have nuances that are product specific, though.

    Hot tub Setup Guide

    1. Decide where you want to set up your inflatable spa.
    2. Prepare the area.
    3. Set up the pump.
    4. Inflate your tub.
    5. Inflate the lid.
    6. Connect the pump to tub.

    • Chlorine. Chlorine is the most popular inflatable hot tub water sanitizer by far.
    • Chlorine tablets. You use chlorine tablets in the plastic chemical floater that comes with your inflatable hot tub.
    • Chlorine granules.
    • Bromine.
    • Minerals.
    • Checking the correct levels of sanitizer.
    • Chlorine shock.
    • Bromine shock.

    Additionally, how long does it take a Coleman hot tub to heat up? 24 hours

    In respect to this, are inflatable hot tubs worth it?

    Not as good as more expensive models but not to shabby either and one that can certainly be managed. While an inflatable hot tub might offer reasonable thermal protection there is one other aspect common to most that will affect water temperature. The air used to power the bubble jets comes from outside.

    How many gallons does a Coleman hot tub hold?

    Water capacity: 242-gal. Coleman inflatable hot tub weight when filled: 2,103 lbs. Pre-tested pump and pre-tested spa pool. Inflated walls are made from 3 layers of leatheroid material to provide ultimate durability and comfort.

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