• Pacita Abad's painting is characterized by color, constant change and experimentation from the 1970's right up to her passing in 2004. Pacita's most extensive body of work is her vibrantly, colorful, mixed media painted textile collages, abstract assemblages, and trapunto paintings.

  • Strong and vibrant colors dominate Abads paintings: yellow, orange, green, purple, red. But it is in how she combines colors that show her strength as an artist.

    Subsequently, question is, is Pacita Abad a National Artist? Pacita Abad (October 5, 1946 – December 7, 2004) was an Ivatan and Filipino visual artist. She was born in Basco, Batanes, a small island in the northernmost part of the Philippines, between Luzon and Taiwan. Abads work is now in public, corporate and private art collections in over 70 countries.

    Also question is, what is trapunto painting?

    Generally, trapunto (Italian for quilted or embroidered - Latin, trans: through pungere, to prick, pierce) is a quilt with a raised surface, stuffed with cotton defined with running stitches. Pacita began her trapunto process by painting in acrylic or oil on a piece of unstretched canvas.

    What were the subject of Singapore Art Bridge?

    The Alkaff Bridge was painted in January 2004 in vibrant colours by Filipino artist Pacita Abad (1946–2004) and a team of rope specialists. The artist and her crew of helpers used 55 different colours and more than 900 litres of industrial-strength paint to transform the bridge into Singapores first Bridge of Art.

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