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    Channel Finder **FOX Sports Wisconsin** SD **FOX Sports Wisconsin** HD   DirecTV\* 668-1 668-1   DISH Network\* 443 9581   Time Warner (Milwaukee) 31 1309   Time Warner (Green Bay) 40

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    One may also ask, how can I watch the Bucks game? Most live TV streaming services carry the regional sports network that broadcasts the teams games in the Milwaukee market. Out-of-market fans can subscribe to NBA League Pass to watch the teams games live. And you can also catch the Bucks on national NBA broadcasts, which are shown on ABC, ESPN, TNT and NBA TV.

    Secondly, what channel is Fox Sports Wisconsin on DISH Network?


    Channel Finder FOX Sports Wisconsin SD FOX Sports Wisconsin HD DirecTV 669 669 DISH Network* 444 9514; 412-32 (Hopper) Spectrum (Milwaukee) 31 1309 Spectrum (Green Bay) 40
    What channel is TNT in Milwaukee?


    # Channel Name 33 TNT 34 USA Network 35 FX 36 Lifetime

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