• Local DIRECTV Packages and Channels in Phoenix

    Network **Affiliate** Local Channel   ABC KNXV 15   AZA KPDF 41   CBS KPHO 5   CW **KASW** 61

  • channel 61

    Subsequently, question is, what happened to the CW channel on directv? Unfortunately, DirecTV and Dish dont offer The CW in certain packages within specific areas of the country. You can always find the latest episodes of CW shows streaming free on The CW App and CWTV.com. Find your shows here: cwtv.com/shows.

    Simply so, what channel is the CW in directv?

    channel 385

    Why is the CW not in HD on directv?

    Directv DOES NOT CARRY THE CW IN HD. They only carry it in SD. Thats on channel 25. The reason why Directv only carrys it in SD is most likely contractual.

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