• Contact our Hampton Bay team at 1-877-527-0313 and select option 2. They will ask for the 12 digit UPC code (all numbers – no letters) found on the sticker on top of the motor housing to identify the exact model and manufacturer of the fan. Be sure to switch off the correct breaker before removing the motor housing.

  • You will find the model number for all fans on the:

    1. Part guide or installation manual that came inside your ceiling fan box.
    2. Outside of the box.
    3. On the fan itself. Location depends on the type of fan: For Downrod-mount fans- ID sticker located on top of the motor housing (facing the ceiling of an installed fan).

    Subsequently, question is, where is the receiver in Hampton Bay ceiling fan? Receiver Location: If your transmitter has a reverse button, then the receiver will often usually be in the Switch Housing (located between the blades and the light kit).

    In respect to this, where do I find the model number on my Hunter Fan?

    *Your model number is most commonly found on top of the fan motor on a Hunter tag.

    Is Hampton Bay a good brand?

    Although not high end when compared to other ceiling fan brands, Hampton Bays mid-range ceiling fans are usually better quality than their cheapest budget fans. To see how Hampton Bay compares to a higher end brands like Hunter, then check out our Hampton Bay vs Hunter ceiling fan brand comparison.

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