• Tim McGraw Opens Up About 'The Blind Side' Tim McGraw certainly had a lot to be thankful for on Thanksgiving. While McGraw's character, suburbanite father Sean Tuohy, does not quite require the emotional range of his character in Friday Night Lights, McGraw says it was no less difficult to play the role.

  • He was someone you look at like, Man, I hope I can be like that one day. Tuohy shed some light on the film, which starred Sandra Bullock in the role of his mother and Tim McGraw as his father. Quinton Aaron played Oher in the film.

    Also, who owns the blind side? Alcon Entertainment

    In this way, where is Michael Oher from the blind side?

    “The Blind Side” might not exist without the University of Mississippi. After all, three major characters in the film all attended Ole Miss. The main character, Michael Oher, attended Ole Miss.

    Did Michael Oher make money from the blind side?

    Its probably impossible to know the truth of it now. Im talking about Michael Oher, starting right tackle for the Baltimore Ravens and subject of a hit movie titled The Blind Side (said film cost million to make and, so far, has earned a domestic gross of million).

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