• What and where is Box D in a W2 form? - Quora. Form W-2 (wage statement) Box D is called the Control Number field. It is usually located below or near the Employer's Name and Address. The Box D Control Number is a code that uniquely identifies your unique W-2 document in your employer's records.

  • Each W2 Form box 12 code is either a single or double letter code. The W2 Box 12 codes are: C — Taxable costs of group-term life insurance over ,000 (included in W-2 boxes 1,3 (up to Social Security wages base), and box 5. D — Elective deferral under a 401(k) cash or arrangement plan.

    Also, what is Box 12d on a w2? Box 12 amounts with the code DD signify the total cost of what you and your employer paid for your employer-sponsored health coverage plan. Code DD amounts are for informational purposes only — they dont affect the numbers in your tax return.

    Also asked, what if there is no box D on w2?

    The control number (box D) is not required to enter your W-2 to complete your tax return. Simply leave this number field blank or skip this question of TurboTax, click Skip Import and you will be directed to manually enter your W-2.

    What is Box 12 FF on w2?

    NEW W2 BOX 12 CODE FOR 2017. The new W2 includes a new Box 12 Code FF, which will be used to designate Permitted Benefits Under a Qualified Small Employer Health Reimbursement Arrangement. Employers should use this code FF to report in box 12 any amounts of benefits allowable under a QSEHRA.

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