• There are five state parks in the Poconos with beaches that are open for public swimming. These are Beltzville State Park, Gouldsboro State Park, Hickory Run State Park, Promised Land State Park and Tobyhanna State Park. Go swimming and cool off in the waters of the Poconos.

  • Below are 5 of the best lakes you can enjoy in the Pocono Mountains.

    • Beltzville Lake.
    • Lake Wallenpaupack. By Matt Saunders - Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0, Link.
    • Lake Harmony.
    • Stillwater Lake. By CampMinsi-BSA CC BY 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons.
    • Arrowhead Lake.

    Likewise, is Lake Wallenpaupack safe to swim in? Lastly, one of the biggest reasons why visitors love going to the Palmyra Township public beach is because it is a safe place to swim. Swimming in Lake Wallenpaupack is a very popular pastime.

    One may also ask, are there beaches in the Poconos?

    The Best Lakes and Beaches in the Poconos. If you live in New York, New Jersey, or Philadelphia, a trip to the beach may mean “going down the shore.” And as much fun as the Jersey Shore can be, theres another way to enjoy sand and water in the summer—without the crowds.

    Can you swim in Bushkill Falls?

    There is no wading or swimming at the falls. You have different views to the falls that is all. The lake in front of the falls is open for fishing one side. The other side is for boating.

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