• Rayan De'Quan Lopez, now known as simply Rayan(formely known as Ray Ray) is a former member of Americanboy band, Mindless Behavior. He was born on January 6, 1996in Los Angeles, California and the last member to audition forMindless Behavior, as former lead singer Prodigy wasdiscovered on YouTube.

  • Ray Ray from Mindless Behavior Raquan Tanyae Smith A.K.A. Ray Ray is the second oldestmember of the group. He, along with two other band mates, hailsfrom Los Angeles, California. He was born on January 6,1997.

    Furthermore, who was in mindless behavior? Santo August Vocals Rayan Lopez Vocals Jacob Perez Vocals Craig Crippen Vocals Elijah Johnson Vocals

    In this way, how old is Princeton mindless behavior?

    23 years (April 21, 1996)

    What is Ray Ray real name?

    Mindless Behavior best answer Ray Rays name is Raquan Smith. Princetonsname is Jacob Perez. Roc Royals name is ChresantoAugust. Prodigys name is Craig Crippen.

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