• “La Misma Luna” was filmed in only five weeks in both Mexico and Los Angeles where the two protagonists only shot one scene together. Riggen does a phenomenal job as she examines the daily lives of Rosario and Carlitos played by Mexican superstar Kate del Castillo and Adrián Alonso, respectively.

  • He attaches himself to Enrique, another worker, who tries to get rid of him. They get picked up by a van of singers and are left in Tucson, where Carlitos finds his dad, Oscar Aguilar Pons. Oscar promises Carlitos that he will take him to his mother in LA but never shows up. Enrique instead takes Carlitos to LA.

    Also, what is the significance of the moon in La misma luna? Obviously this title implies that the moon is the visual symbol for mother and son to stay connected with each other. No matter how far apart they are, they can never be too far away because they are under the same moon.

    Likewise, people ask, who is Leonardo in La misma luna?


    Cast overview, first billed only: Adrian Alonso Carlos Reyes Carlitos (as Adrián Alonso) Jesse Garcia David María Rojo Reyna Ignacio Guadalupe Leonardo Sánchez Nava
    Who directed La misma luna?

    Patricia Riggen

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