• Combination Vehicle:

    A vehicle with two separate parts - the power unit (tractor) and the trailer. Tractor-trailers are considered combination vehicles.

  • A combination vehicle is the combining of a tractor unit with one or more trailers. This is commonly called a “semi” or “semi truck.” The tractor is connected to the trailer(s) with a fifth-wheel and/or a converter dolly. The fifth wheel allows the combination vehicle to bend in the middle.

    Similarly, what is a combination endorsement? A CDL combination vehicle endorsement is an excellent choice for those who want to really expand the amount of vehicles they can drive. Combination vehicles are vehicles with a tractor and multiple trailers, often trailers of different sizes and layouts.

    Just so, what is long combination vehicles?

    An LCV is an extra long configuration of tractor trailer, consisting of a tractor and 2 full size trailers. The basic idea is to move twice as much freight as can be moved with a regular tractor trailer configuration. These tractor trailer units are very, very long.

    What is Offtracking?

    Offtracking is the path of the outside of the outer tire on a rear or trailing axle that deviates inward toward the center of a turn fro¡n the circuLar path of the out- side of the outer front tire, while the vehicle or trailer combination is making a turn. The definition obviously comes from a practical.

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