• LOreal Kids makes hair so soft and shiny! The creamy, conditioning 2-in-1 formula helps eliminate knots and leaves hair soft, smooth, manageable and extra shiny. LOreal Kids is easy to use and smells so good! With its soft bottle, it's easy to hold.

  • This is why Loreal has created a range of shampoo products that helps in fighting every hair problem ranging from hair fall, dry hair, damaged hair, colored hair, oily hair, anti-dandruff to being suplhate free.

    1List of 10 Types of Loreal Shampoos in India.

    S.No. Name of Loreal Shampoos 10 Loreal Mythic Oil Shampoo
    Also, does No Tears Shampoo mean no crying? One of the oldest and most controversial beauty debates is still raging: What is tear-free baby shampoo? “Nah, no tears is definitely in reference to eyes and crying. Guaranteed,” one person wrote. Another countered, “It means it untangles your hair so well so when you brush it you wont cry.

    Keeping this in view, what is the best shampoo for kids hair?

    10 Best Shampoos for Kids Reviewed

    • Puracy Natural Baby.
    • LOreal Paris Strawberry Smoothie 2-in-1.
    • Fairy Tales Super-Charge Detangling.
      1. California Baby Calendula.
    • Fresh Monster Coconut 2-in-1.
    • Burts Bees Baby.
    • My Little North Star.
    • Cetaphil Baby 2-in-1 Organic Calendula.

    Is Baby Shampoo really tear free?

    “Most baby shampoos are formulated to be tear free by reducing the concentration or even presence of conventional shampoo ingredients that have the ability to irritate the eyes.

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