• Houses will always appreciate in value over the long-term. Because they own the property, the landlord gets to set the rules you have to follow if you want to rent from them. When renting, it can cost you money to move out before the lease period is over.

  • The premise for the “houses depreciates” is that the value of the house goes down over time, just like a car or a computer, making it a bad investment. Of course this is not fact. Houses appreciate in value over time. Apartments and townhouses appreciate in value over time.

    Also, how much do houses appreciate on average? While home prices have appreciated nationally at an average annual rate between 3 and 5 percent, depending on the index used for the calculation, home value appreciation in different metro areas can appreciate at markedly different rates than the national average.

    Also to know is, will house prices go down in 2020?

    Realtor.com The scarcity of homes on the market will drive down existing-home sales by 1.8 percent to 5.23 million. Home prices nationally will flatten, increasing 0.8 percent. Mortgage rates will average 3.85 percent in 2020 and will end the year around 3.88 percent.

    What will my house be worth in 15 years?

    In 15 years, assuming values drop 6% in 2011 and 3% in 2012, then rise at 3% a year, the house will be worth ,528 to ,820. In five years, we will owe ,322 on a house that will be worth ,050 to ,944. In ten years, we will owe ,295 on a house that will be worth ,038 to ,610.

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