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    Multiply your winnings up to ten times with Quick Draw Extra – the number that's picked at random for each draw. Choose the Extra option and remember that this will double your wager. Multiply your winnings up to ten times with Quick Draw Extra – the number that's picked at random for each draw.

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    When the draw takes place, 20 numbers will be randomly selected, and you win prizes based on how many of the winning numbers you match.

    1. Visit an official Quick Draw retailer.
    2. Choose how many numbers (spots) you wish to play.
    3. Select a number between 1 and 80 for each spot, or opt for a Quick Pick.

    Similarly, what is quick draw extra power hours? Quick Draw Extra Power Hours! On Tuesday evenings from 5-7pm you are guaranteed to win extra on your play slip, just be sure to check that extra box! Thursday evening from 5-7pm remains Quick Draw bonus night where you could win 50% MORE on any ticket or more!

    People also ask, what day is quick draw bonus?

    Quick Draw 50% Bonus Thursdays! Every Thursday this month, between 5 and 7 PM, New York State Lottery pays out an extra 50% on all Quick Draw tickets or more! Theres no better place to enjoy this promotion than the bar here at Martels! Come on by, visit good friends, and play to win!

    Is Quick Draw random?

    Quick Draw is considered a monitor game in which players pick numbers that are randomly drawn every five minutes.

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