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    • Chad is located in Africa.

    • Chad is an African country. Also called the Republic of Chad in formal settings, Chad is located in the most central region of Africa. As a landlocked country, Chad does not directly touch any major bodies of water. Chad is surrounded on all sides by six other Central African countries. To the north lies Libya and Sudan is situated to the east. Cameroon and Nigeria both rest along the southwestern border of Chad, and in the west, Chad is bordered by Niger. To the south of Chad, the country shares its southernmost border with the Central African Republic.

    • Chad’s latitude and longitude points are 15.4542° N and 18.7322° E, respectively. As part of the northern hemisphere, Chad is situated above the equator. Chad also lies in the eastern hemisphere.

    • The northernmost point of Chad is a place by the name of Tibesti Massif. This location actually points to the Tibesti Mountains, a large mountain range that passes throughout the Sahara Desert. Interestingly enough, Chad's tallest point of elevation is located in the Tibesti Mountain Range. At over 11,300 feet tall, the mountain of Emi Koussi is the highest point in all of Chad, as well as the Sahara. The latitudinal coordinate of this point is 23°26' N.

    • In the south, the farthest point of extremity is situated along the border that Chad shares with the Central African Republic. At a latitude of 07°27' N, this coordinate falls in a place called Deng in the Logone Oriental Region of Chad. In the east, the country of Chad extends as far east as the longitude of 24°00' E. At this GPS coordinate lies the border that Sudan and Chad share. Then, to the west of Chad, the country reaches a point of extremity at a point situated along the border between Niger and Chad. This particular point is positioned at a longitude of 13°40' E.

    • The total area of Chad is approximately 495,752 square miles in all. Breaking this down, we will see that Chad is 98% land and 2% water. In numbers, Chad’s total area equates to 486,177 square miles of land and 9,575 square miles of water. The geographical breakdown of Chad shows that the country is comprised of fourteen prefectures. The country spans for a width of 342.61 miles and a length of 902.78 miles.

    • The population of Chad is currently at or around 15,614,955 people. As of 2019, Chad is the 73rd most populated country in the world. Despite being home to over fifteen million people, Chad still accounts for a mere 0.21% of the entire world’s population. By taking the population of Chad and dividing this number by the total area of the African country, a value of 32. This value is the population density. It lets us know that for every square mile in Chad, there are approximately thirty-two people.

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