• A by product of all bloomy rind cheeses is“ammoniasmell. This some-what offensivearoma results when the cultures used to make the cheeseconsume and convert the proteins in the curd into ammonia.Refrigeration traps this aroma in the cheese not allowing itto evaporate away.

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    Okay, so: Yes, Brie can smell pretty strongly ofammonia. If the cheese is tightly wrapped in plastic and notallowed to breathe, or stored at very cold temperatures—suchthat the ammonia cannot escape—the ammoniabuild up is so great that there is a terribly strong ammoniasmell and flavor.

    Beside above, how can you tell if Brie cheese has gone bad? Let the cheese air out for a few moments, andsmell again. If the rind still has a slight smell,but the paste (the inside of the cheese) smells creamy, thenthe cheese is fine to eat. If the whole piece ofcheese still smells strongly of ammonia after a few minutes,the cheese has probably turned.

    Likewise, is Brie supposed to stink?

    Why brie smells like ammonia Okay, so: Yes, Brie can smell prettystrongly of ammonia. Bloomy rind cheeses, like Brie are whatwe called mold ripened; this basically means that, during thecheese making process a mold culture is introduced and actuallybecomes the white colored rind of the cheese.

    Why does some cheese taste like ammonia?

    Ammonia is a waste product created by thedecomposition of nitrogen-containing proteins in the cheeseand on its surface. This process is natural, and, when in balancewith the well-developed aroma and flavor of a properlyripened cheese, its not unpleasant.

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