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    Some does won't be able to feed a large number (Holland Lops only have 6 teats), so some will get left out and possibly die. Litters with 3-5 babies are best because in litters with less babies, the babies may have trouble keeping each other warm.

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    In the wild, rabbit mothers may have about 7. But 3 or 4 per year is a healthy number of litters for a Holland Lop per year. Q. How many kits will my Holland Lop doe have per litter?

    Similarly, do the first litter of bunnies usually die? It is quite common for first time does of small breeds to lose their litters. Usually the reason is difficulty kindling, but sometimes its because theyre just not experienced and didnt take care of them properly.

    In this way, how long are Holland Lop rabbits pregnant for?

    Lumps in the abdomen The gestation period of a rabbit is between 30 and 35 days.

    What do Holland Lop bunnies need?

    To care for your Holland Lop rabbit, set it up in a cage thats big enough for it to run around in, with extra space for its food, water, bed, and litter box. Additionally, provide your pet with rabbit pellets and greens, like bok choy and broccoli leaves, to meet its daily nutritional needs.

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