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    Yakumo Oomori (?? ??, Ōmori Yakumo) is a major antagonist of the supernatural dark fantasy manga/anime series Tokyo Ghoul. Known by his alias of Yamori (???, lit. Gecko), he became an infamous ghoul of the 13th Ward being referred to as Jason and became fond of torture.

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    Juuzou Suzuya found the heavily injured Yamori and killed him. His kakuhou was then used to create Juuzous quinque, 13s Jason.

    Secondly, how long was kaneki tortured by Jason? ten days

    In this way, how did kaneki get tortured?

    If its cut, you cant walk anymore. Anyways, Kaneki is chained to a chair and has been injected with a liquid which causes his RC cells not to react or be able to be used and form his kagune.

    Is tokage Jason?

    Starting off our list is former Cochlea Interrogator Tokage Goumasa. Many of you might not know of Tokage ,but he was responsible for the torture of who we all know as Jason . Before Jason had escaped he had horribly disfigured Tokage repaying him for he had done to him.

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