• Who Makes Pittsburgh Tools? Harbor Freight Tools makes the Pittsburgh Tools product. As of 2015, Harbor Freights manufactures and sells work tools online, by catalog and at over 500 retail locations nationwide.

  • Pittsburgh and Pittsburgh Pro are the house brand of Harbor Freight Tools. Both brands are now mostly made in China or Taiwan sourced to various manufacturers.

    Also, are the tools at Harbor Freight any good? Theres a lot to be said for building your own tool chest, but sometimes its just easier to pick up a store-bought model. The metal tool chests at Harbor Freight are shockingly good, with thicker metal and liners than many “brand name” boxes.

    Herein, is Pittsburgh tools a good brand?

    Factor in the price and yes, Pittsburgh tools are “any good”. They are close enough in price to make it worth paying the little bit extra for a better brand. Their ratchets are wonderful for the price.

    What country are Craftsman tools made in?

    Beginning in 2010, many of Craftsmans hand tools (manufactured by Apex Tool Group) began to be assembled in China in Taiwan. Craftsman uses another manufacturer called Western Forge to make tools like screwdrivers, adjustable wrenches, pliers, and bigger mechanic tool sets – these products are still made in the U.S.

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