• Informal the part, as of a performance or event, which is the least interesting or the most inept, ridiculous, etc.: used somewhat humorously in opposition to highlight. Origin of lowlight. low light: formed on the pattern of highlight.

  • Lowlights involve darkening strands of hair by using colours that are darker than your natural colour. In contrast, highlights use colours that are lighter than your natural shade.

    Furthermore, what is a low light? “Low light” is when your plant gets no direct light, likely because its placed several feet away from the light source.

    Thereof, can you put lowlights over highlights?

    When it comes to coloring your hair, your stylist may want to intersperse a few lowlights in with your highlights. She may also recommend that you add only lowlights to your hair to darken it without coloring your entire head. This can help retain a more natural look while boosting your color in a subtle way.

    Should I get highlights or lowlights?

    “Someone who wants to see their current color lighter or with more dimension should get highlights” says Brennan. Lowlights, on the other hand, are a great option for a number of reasons. For example, if a client has over-highlighted their hair, then lowlights are a great option.

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