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    Originally Answered: How come some natural blondes have roots that are darker than their hair? Because natural blondes have very little melanin in the hair shaft, but they do have *some*. Melanin is a color pigment found in the skin and hair. Blonde hair lightens quickly because there's not much melanin to destroy.

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    Blond children often turn dark-haired before puberty. Some children start life as platinum blonds — often called towheads — but experience a darkening of hair color before they reach puberty. To begin: Your hair color is determined by the amount of natural pigment, called melanin, you have in your hair.

    Secondly, why are my ends darker than my roots? When there is existing hair color in your hair, applying color over and over again leads to buildup on the lower portion of your hair. The result is darker ends than roots. Instead of coloring your whole head every time, just touch up your new growth.

    Keeping this in consideration, is blonde hair with dark roots in style?

    However, if the blonde shade is more golden – or almost light brown - visible roots are not as shocking and tend to blend into the overall hair color very well. The style: During the grunge era, dark visible roots on blonde hair was very in – they usually measured anywhere between 1 and 3 centimeters.

    What is the least attractive hair color?

    Women rated the female models with brown hair as most attractive, followed by women with blond hair. Both men and women rated the female models with red hair as the least attractive. But the rarity of the hair color had no effect on its perceived attractiveness.

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