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    Pre-mixed insulin is a cloudy-colored, combination of intermediate acting insulin and short acting insulin, and it is available in the names Humulin 70/30, Novolin 70/30, and ReliOn 70/30. It is 70% intermediate acting insulin (N) and 30% short acting insulin (R).

  • Humulin 70/30 is an insulin that combines the short action of regular human insulin (Humulin R U-100) and the intermediate action of HumulinN. Humulin 70/30 is available in the prefilled Humulin® 70/30 KwikPen® or in a Humulin 70/30 U-100 vial. Humulin 70/30 is injected under the skin.

    Likewise, what type of insulin is Humulin 70 30? Humulin 70/30 contains a combination of insulin isophane and insulin regular. Insulin is a hormone that works by lowering levels of glucose (sugar) in the blood. Insulin isophane is a intermediate-acting insulin.

    what is the difference between regular insulin and 70 30?

    The main difference between these two insulins is that Novolog 70/30 - contains an intermediate acting and a very fast acting insulin, whereas Novolin 70/30 contains an intermediate acting insulin and a short acting insulin. Regular insulin (brand name Humulin R or Novolin R) is defined as short acting.

    What type of insulin is Humulin N?

    Humulin N and Novolin N are both brand names for the same drug, called insulin NPH. Insulin NPH is an intermediate-acting insulin. Intermediate-acting insulin lasts longer in your body than natural insulin does. Both drugs come in a vial as a solution that you inject with a syringe.

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