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    • Georgia is located in Asia.

    • Georgia is a Eurasian country. In particular, Georgia is located in the Caucasus Region which is an area situated between Asia and Europe. As a country surrounded by land in almost every direction, Georgia shares borders with five other nations. In the north, Georgia is bordered by Russia. With Armenia and Azerbaijan along Georgia’s southeastern border, Georgia is surrounded by Turkey in the south. Georgia’s western edge rests on the shore of the Black Sea.

    • Georgia is a country like many others in that it is positioned to the north of the equator. However, unique to Georgia are the country's GPS coordinates. The latitude of Georgia is 42.3154° N, meaning it is in the northern hemisphere. The latitudinal coordinate is 43.3569° E, placing Georgia in the eastern hemisphere.

    • Georgia reaches a northern point of extremity at a latitude of 43°35' N, which is just outside of Aibga. The southernmost point of Georgia is along the border separating Georgia and Azerbaijan. The coordinate of this point is a latitude of 41°03' N.

    • In the east, Georgia extends as far as the region of Kakheti. With a longitudinal coordinate of 46°40' E, the easternmost point of Georgia is similar to the southernmost point in that it is also found on the Georgian-Azerbaijan border. The westernmost point of Georgia reaches a longitude of 41°30' E. The western point of extremity in Georgia is part of the country's Autonomous Republic of Adjara, which is a region of Georgia near the Black Sea.

    • The [total area of Georgia’(https://www.worldatlas.com/webimage/countrys/europe/georgia/gelandst.htm) is approximately 26,911 square miles, of which 100% of the square mileage is land. While the assumption is that Georgia must be completely landlocked, this is not the case. The only water source within Georgia’s reach is its coastline along the Black Sea.

    • Georgia’s population as of the most recent census is approximately 3,901,708 people. The country of Georgia ranks as the 133rd most populated country in the world. From here, the population density can be discovered by dividing Georgia’s population by its total area. This results in a density value of about 145 people per square mile of land in Georgia.]

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