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    The ritornello form was one of the musical structures developed in the Baroque period. It is characterised by a recurring A section in between new sections of music, and is often described as 'ABACA', where the A section contains a distinctive theme.

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    The most common use of the ritornello in instrumental music is the concerto, a composition for a solo instrument, such as violin or keyboard, and orchestra. The full orchestra plays the ritornello as an introduction. The soloist then plays the A section accompanied by a smaller group of instruments.

    Additionally, who invented Ritornello form? Baroque music The ritornello as a recurring tutti passage can be traced back to the music of sixteenth-century Venetian composer Giovanni Gabrieli. According to Richard Taruskin, these repeating passages are endemic to the concertato style which Gabrielli is credited with developing.

    Also Know, what is the Ritornello form in the Concerto Grosso?

    Many Baroque concertos are structured in a form known as ritornello form. In this form, a repeated section of music, the ritornello (literally, the little thing that returns) alternates with freer episodes. Initially ritornellos were found in trecento Italian madrigals, such as those of Jacopo da Bologna.

    What genre uses Ritornello?


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