• press the on button on your headphones until yousee your lights blinking red

  • Charge the headset using the suppliedmicro-USB cable. Connect the supplied micro-USB cable to theheadset, and then connect the other end to a bootedcomputer. Make sure that the indicator (red) lights up.Charging is completed in about 2.5 hours (*) and theindicator (red) goes off automatically.

    Secondly, can I use my phone charger to charge my Bluetooth headset? Is it bad to charge my Bluetooth headset with anordinary phone charging cord as opposed to the USB cable itcame with? Its totally fine, you can use any cable and anyUSB power dongle as long as your device is USB-charged. AllUSB cables are made to the USB standard and will handle yourcharging needs.

    In respect to this, how long does it take to charge merkury headphones?

    It takes approximately 2 hours each for theearphones battery and the charging case battery to befully charged. If the earphones are at low battery,20 minutes in the charging case gives you up to 1 hour ofplaytime.

    How do I turn on merkury Bluetooth headphones?

    press the on button on your headphones until yousee your lights blinking red and blue then turn on yourBluetooth setting on to pair with earbuds your donewhen it stops flashing. Press and hold the multifunction buttonuntil it says it is connected to your device.

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