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    • Jamaica is located in Americas.

    • Jamaica is one of the islands that make up the conglomerate of the Greater Antilles. Of all the islands in the Caribbean, Jamaica is the 3rd largest country in the Caribbean. Despite being physically far away from other European countries, Jamaica is ruled by the constitutional monarchy of the United Kingdom, with Queen Elizabeth II in power.

    • Jamaica is one of sixteen Commonwealth realms, meaning that, although Jamaica has a monarch who resides in Europe, Jamaica is independent. Despite being under the control of Queen Elizabeth II, Jamaica is still part of North America.

    • Jamaica is located at a latitude of 18.1096° N and a longitude of 77.2975° W.

    • With a length of 154.1 miles and a width of 52.2. miles, the total area of Jamaica is approximately 4,243 square miles. Jamaica has a coastline of roughly 0.62 miles in length. The island country in the Caribbean is made up of 98.5% land and 1.5% water. This equates to about 4,181 square miles of land and 62 square miles of water. Looking solely at the total area, Jamaica is the 160th largest country in the world.

    • As of 2018, the population of Jamaica is about 2,901,989 people. In terms of population, Jamaica is the 139th most populated country in the world. From here, we can calculate the population density. By dividing the population by the total area, we receive a value of 683.95 people per square mile. Population densities are rounded up to account for the fact that people can only be counted in whole numbers. That said, for the sake of accuracy, the population density of Jamaica is 684 people per square mile.

    • On average, the land in Jamaica is at an elevation of 1,000 feet above sea level, give or take a few feet. It is difficult for professionals to measure the mean height of islands, hence the approximation and range. The highest point of elevation in Jamaica is atop the Blue Mountain Peak, which happens to be located just between Saint Thomas and Portland. At its tallest tip, the mountain reaches an altitude of 7,402 feet above sea level. At its lowest point, Jamaica is at sea level with surrounding bodies of water. Therefore, Jamaica is 0 feet above sea level at its lowest point.

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