• taunt / taut. I am told that medical personnel often mistakenly refer to a patient's abdomen as “taunt” rather than the correct “taut.” “Taunt” (“tease” or “mock”) can be a verb or noun, but never an adjective. “Taut” means “tight, distended,” and is always an adjective. “Taut” is also occasionally misspelled “taught.”

  • Taut is an adjective that is most often used to refer to something that is pulled tight, like a taut rope, or is bulging or filled to capacity, like taut muscles. Taunt is a noun and a verb that refers to teasing or making fun of a person.

    Furthermore, what is a day taunt? Definition of détente. 1 : the relaxation of strained relations or tensions (as between nations) diplomats brokering a détente also : a policy promoting this. 2 : a period of détente the beginning of a détente.

    Furthermore, what is the difference between tight and taught?

    As verbs the difference between taught and tight is that taught is (teach) while tight is (obsolete) to tighten.

    How do you use taut in a sentence?

    Sentence Examples

    1. Now that the storm had passed, her taut muscles relaxed and she felt weak.
    2. Across the room, Darkyn held the tension of a taut rubber band.
    3. What is this? he asked, kicking the taut rope.
    4. Dean leaned over and grasped the taut line that ran unseen over the edge.
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