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    The epidural needle sizes refer to the thickness of the epidural needle. The sizes of the epidural needle are related to the 'guage' of the epidural needle. A higher guage epidural needle equates to a thinner epidural needle. In adults, an 18G (thinner) or 16G (thicker) epidural needles are commonly used.

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    A 16G Portex Tuohy needle and epidural catheter. Large rule marks 1 cm apart. A Tuohy (/tOO-ee/) needle is a hollow hypodermic needle, very slightly curved at the end, suitable for inserting epidural catheters.

    Also Know, does the needle stay in during an epidural? The doctor will put medicine through a small needle to numb your back. This may sting a little. Then, a tube is placed through a needle into your back (called the epidural space). The needle is taken out, and the tube stays in your back.

    Additionally, can you feel the epidural needle?

    Once youve been numbed, you wont feel the epidural needle inserted into your back. You may feel pressure as the epidural needle is inserted into the right spot, but you shouldnt feel the actual needle. Once the needle is in place, the anesthesiologist will insert a catheter and remove the needle.

    How long is the epidural needle for pregnancy?

    The tube is taped to your back so you can move from side to side. Three to five minutes after the initial dose, the nerves of the uterus begin to numb. Usually after about 10 minutes, youll feel the full effect, though it can take longer (around 15 or 20 minutes) for some women.

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