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    Student self-monitoring is an effective tool for behavior change. Self-monitoring requires that the student be an active participant in the intervention, with responsibility for measuring and evaluating his or her behaviors.

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    For example, a low self-monitor who has certain religious beliefs will be more likely than a high self-monitor to express their actual beliefs across situations (a high self-monitor might say something other than their true beliefs if they believe the situation calls for it or if they believe others will perceive them

    Also, what is self monitoring in the classroom? Self-monitoring is a low-intensity, secondary prevention strategy designed to improve students self- management skills and to support their academic, behavioral, and social development. This flexible strategy can be used to increase the occurrence of desired behaviors or to decrease inappropriate behaviors.

    Similarly, you may ask, how do you teach self monitoring?

    1. Define Behavior Target(s) to Self-Monitor

    1. Focusing on the task or assignment (on-task).
    2. Making positive statements to peers.
    3. Completing work.
    4. Complying with teacher requests.
    5. Reading pages of text read during study periods.
    6. Completing math computation problems.

    What are the benefits of self monitoring?

    Benefits for All Students Self-monitoring facilitates communication between students and their parent. Students can avoid competition because of the individual nature of the strategy. Self-monitoring incorporates academic and social skills (e.g., counting, reading, classifying, cooperating).

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