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    Pure chlorine, both as a gas and as a liquid under pressure, reacts with only a few metals at ordinary temperatures. For this reason, chlorine may be safely stored in metal containers. Liquid chlorine is stable and no loss of strength occurs during storage. Cylinders must be stored in a cool place.

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    Chlorine gas, also called elemental chlorine, is stored in cylinders as a liquefied compressed gas. It is toxic and irritating to skin, eyes, nose, and mucous membranes. In its dry, solid form, chlorine is usually non-reactive. Once moist, however, it reacts with most elements.

    Subsequently, question is, why is chlorine transported as a liquid and not a gas? Because it is so “anxious” to pull another electron into its orbit, chlorine is an extremely reactive element. Chlorine is a green-yellow poisonous gas, which has a suffocating odor. At -33 degrees Celsius, it condenses to an amber liquid. Chlorine is transported as liquefied gas under its own vapor pressure.

    Also to know, what hazard class is chlorine?

    EXPLOSION HAZARDS: Chlorine reacts explosively or forms explosive compounds with many common substances including, acetylene, ether, turpentine, ammonia, fuel gas, hydrogen, fluorine, and finely divided metals. Chlorine reacts with most combustibles posing a fire and explosion risk. Chlorine is not combustible.

    What is dry chlorine?

    Chlorine is a chemical element which in commercial use is gener- ally a liquefied gas. The term “dry chlorine” is defined as liquid or gaseous chlorine having less than 150 ppm water in containment. “Wet chlorine” or “moist chlorine” is defined as liquid or gaseous chlorine having more than 150 ppm water by weight.

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