• A Photo of PewDiePie's Ruby Play Button is Selling For Over ,000 on eBay - Mandatory.

  • Pewds set up the page to make it LOOK like he was selling it. In a video I watched, there was a YouTuber who had received the silver play button. Aruan Felix wanted a gold one, which is achieved with one million subscribers. So if Pewds sold his Ruby play button, we would have definitely heard about it by now.

    Likewise, how much is a real diamond play button worth? YouTube has created a tradition of sending its creators a special plaque for every big milestone, including the Silver Play Button for 100,000 subscribers, the Gold Play Button for a million, Diamond for 10 million and the Custom Play Button for 50 million.

    One may also ask, who has the Ruby play button?


    What comes after the Ruby play button?

    There are currently no play buttons awarded after the Ruby play button. The last play button is awarded at 50 million subscribers and currently, only 3 channels have reached this milestone and received this play button.

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