• Specifications

    Feature **Size** / Details   Max. Safe Working Height 9ft 7in   Reach Height 16ft   Top Dimension 5.75in x 13in   Approx. Overall **Ladder** Length (Open) 144in

  • Size

    Max. Height You Want to Reach Buy This Size Ladder (assumes vertical 12-inch reach) 14 feet 10-foot 16 feet 12-foot 18 feet 14-foot 20 feet 16-foot
    Additionally, how tall is a 10 ft step ladder? Ladder Height (ft.): 8 ft.

    Subsequently, question is, how tall are step ladders?

    The SkyScraper is indeed Little Giants tallest A-Frame ladder with a maximum height of 21-feet, making ceiling-height work simple and safe. The SkyScraper is perfect for churches, auditoriums, gymnasiums and other industrial applications.

    How tall is an 8 ladder?

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    This item Cosco 8-Foot Signature Series Step Ladder Type 1A Flip-N-Lite 300-Pound Duty Rating 6-foot Stepladder with Platform   Sold By — Amazon.com   Item Dimensions 57.75 x 23.75 x 92 in 74.75 x 21.25 x 5.25 in   Material Type aluminum Aluminum   Size 8 Feet 6 Feet
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