• Steven Rinella, the host of the hit TV show the MeatEater, uses a Carolina Custom Rifle.

  • 270, 7mm Rem Mag, 30-06, . 308 Winchester, and 300 Win Mag, plus the short magnum versions of these same calibers.

    One may also ask, whats the best all around rifle caliber? 30-06 would probably be the best choices for your all-around rifle. They are slightly superior to the . 270 or the . 308 for the really big stuff.

    Beside above, what kind of pack does Steven Rinella use?

    Pack: Steven is a fan of big, tough packs and uses the Mystery Ranch G5000. At it is on the pricey side, but sometimes you have to pay for quality.

    How much is Steven Rinella worth?

    He is very popular both as a writer and as a television personality. In doing so, he has gone on to make a net worth of over million.

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